Why I’m Giving Away My Story Course For Free*

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Fancy a scholarship in travel storytelling, including entry to a $160 course, all for free? Read on. Sometime around 2011, in the midst of my attempts to make a sorta-maybe-kinda career as a travel writer, I blundered across a website called Nieman Storyboard. It’s an offshoot of Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism, and it’s about something called literary journalism. My … Read More

Home Is What’s Left Of You

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There are squatters at my mother’s house. As I open the gate, one of them screeches loudly and launches himself off the roof, aiming his yellow beak at me and opening it wide. Like snakes, seagulls have the ability to unhinge their jaws so they can swallow huge prey, so perhaps it’s not impossible that a 430g gull could consume … Read More

I’d Rather Shiver, Thanks: A Love Letter To The Cold

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I quietly close the door behind me, blocking out the sounds of a successful dinner-party, and take a few deep breaths. There’s the promise of rain in the air – not the cloying, drippy kind of rain Costa Ricans call “cat’s hair”, but proper rain, the kind that dances above car roofs and tears branches off trees. The temperature’s dropping … Read More