Blogging Masterclass Open – SIGN UP NOW!

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Hello everyone! As you know, I’m something of a goddamn genius. And because I’m enormously big-hearted as well, I’ve decided to scatter the seed of my genius far and wide – in as wide a swathe as possible. Yes! That’s right – exclusively to Fevered Mutterings readers, I am proud-and-yet-humble ¬†to announce the launch of my new BLOGGING MASTERCLASS COURSES¬†for … Read More

You’re Bored? That’s So AWESOME.

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Things to do when bored – the ultimate WTF-seriously guide to realising “boredom” is total BS. So…I saw your tweet. You’re “bored”? Really? WOW! I am…absolutely floored. Hopelessly lost in admiration! You are everything I aspire to be.

Writing Fantasy: Choose Your Own FAIL

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Welcome, adventurer! You’re about to embark on the most difficult challenge known to any creative artist – ACTUALLY STARTING WORK. Millions have tried, and millions have failed! Will you be one of them? BEGIN!