You’re Bored? That’s So AWESOME.

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Things to do when bored – the ultimate WTF-seriously guide to finding something to do when you’re at a loose end.(Originally written in 2012; updated May 2020) Hey. So I saw your tweet. You’re “bored”? Really? WOW!

Can We Really Be Friends?

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  Have you actually met any of these people? – a large proportion of friends and family, to me, at various points in the last decade. Hi. There’s a very good chance that we’ve never met. But that’s okay – we can still be friends. And here’s why that is.

The Unholy Trinity Of Bad Internet Lists

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(After my Twitter rant of last week, I needed a walk on the North York Moors to chill out. This I did. Did it work? Well, I’m now ranting about something else. I think this shows Progress.) So, you want your post to get lots of page-hits? Want traffic roaring like a scene from Days of Thunder? (Apologies for choice … Read More

Q10: Fitting A Door In My Brain

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The problem with using a PC that’s connected to the Internet – well, there are plenty of problems. Oh, this will be a big list. Short break first. E-mail. Digg – WOAH that’s crazy. Stumbleupon. Twitter. Facebook (Friends – status updates OHMYGOD message message message). BBC News. Huffington Post. E-mail again. How’s my Space Pioneers empire going? E-mail. Check Stumbles … Read More