A Mile A Day #15: The Ultimate Guide To Walking Gear For Complete Beginners

It’s those trainers with the split leather sides and the ripped shoelace holes, the ones you bought in 1997 for ¬£5 and you’ve never been able to throw away. It’s that t-shirt with the ragged holes in the shoulders and under the arms that you put aside to use as a pyjama top, but accidentally put back into commission, and … Read More

A Mile A Day #6: Hey Sky, Why So Pushy?

I took a long walk along the beach with the dog today, and the sky pushed me over. It roared and shrieked and howled, great gusts of meteorological rage out of a clear blue sky, and eventually I was flung off the sea wall (don’t worry, it’s only 2 feet high) and lay there on my back, on the sand, … Read More

A Mile A Day #5: Face Down In The Mud (And Loving It)

This morning, I nearly dozed off in a muddy puddle. Oh, I was fine. It was cold, but I was wrapped up in lots of layers, warm as toast. (Is there a more British phrase? I doubt it.) I lay there comfortably, one knee blathered¬†in mud, my face shoved in a clump of grass. In a way it’s now difficult … Read More

Travel Tech Review: My Legs

Shadow of legs

A travel blog needs travel product reviews. So let’s start right now, with an overview of my favourite piece of travel tech. This is a review of my legs.