Erm…oh dear.

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Last week, I launched my storytelling course for bloggers for its fourth run. A nice bunch of people signed up. Lovely folk. My best launch yet, in every sense. And in all the fun, and also because I’m kind of an idiot, I completely neglected to actually mention it in this blog in any way whatsoever. (And I’m a blogger. … Read More

I’d Rather Shiver, Thanks: A Love Letter To The Cold

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I quietly close the door behind me, blocking out the sounds of a successful dinner-party, and take a few deep breaths. There’s the promise of rain in the air – not the cloying, drippy kind of rain Costa Ricans call “cat’s hair”, but proper rain, the kind that dances above car roofs and tears branches off trees. The temperature’s dropping … Read More

Your Choice

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‘In the Industrial Age, Thomas Edison famously said, “I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent.” In the Internet Age, more and more companies live by the mantra “create an obsession, then exploit it.”‘ – Bill Davidow, The Atlantic. Hi! Thanks for reading this massively unscheduled interruption in your day. I bet it’s … Read More