A Mile A Day #16: Is It Safe To Go Walking In Costa Rica? (And Other Stupid Questions)

san jose costa rica

“This isn’t a good place for walking,” says Mariana. “You mean this suburb?” “I mean, the whole valley.” “All of San José?” “Plus there are unsafe areas. Not a good idea to walk through those, even in daylight.” “But…I have these weekly blog posts that I’m supposed to be…” She purses her lips. “I know. It’s going to be tricky.”

A Mile A Day – Intermission: What Good’s A Walk If You Can’t Feel It?

mexico city airport

There’s a whole new world out there. I should stop and stare out this window that’s designed to look like film-reel when it’s photographed (nice touch). Somewhere beyond the tarmac is Mexico City, on a scale I wouldn’t believe if I saw it. I should go to some of the other windows and catch a glimpse. Isn’t that what excited … Read More

A Mile A Day #15: The Ultimate Guide To Walking Gear For Complete Beginners

It’s those trainers with the split leather sides and the ripped shoelace holes, the ones you bought in 1997 for £5 and you’ve never been able to throw away. It’s that t-shirt with the ragged holes in the shoulders and under the arms that you put aside to use as a pyjama top, but accidentally put back into commission, and … Read More

A Mile A Day #14: How Vitamin D Keeps You Walking

Whew. Well, it’s been a rough week. I stepped away from my writing work to deal with family issues, and the stress of it has left me exhausted. Now everything’s resolved, it’s time to open my laptop and pick up all my work where I left off. But first – my morning walk.