How To Get A UK Emergency Passport: An Utter Idiot’s Guide

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(Reading tip: if you’ve seen Fox’s 24, it might help to imagine that counting-down sound). T Minus 05:35:00 I’m in a Starbucks in Düsseldorf, and my wallet is gone – and with it, my credit cards, my plane tickets and my passport. There’s a simple explanation to all of this, and I make sure I don’t think about it while … Read More

The Language Of Olive Oil: A Personal History

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Ready? Bite. Your first few seconds inside a dolmadaki are all-important: it’s the home of that first intense pop of freshness, a blast of rice, mint, lemon juice, pine nut and whatever else has been added to the mix. It’s probably best to ram the whole oily parcel in your mouth before you bite down, unless you’re tackling the larger variety, … Read More

How To Fight Crime With Crap

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My rucksack top is open. I didn’t leave it that way, so…someone else has. They’ve pulled my bag under the chair I’ve been sitting on, and they’ve opened it. Mere curiosity? Alas – my travel wallet is gone, along with my passport, EastJet boarding pass and credit cards. I slump against a wall. I have 5 hours before my plane leaves. Ah, travel.

Hadrian’s Wall: A Birthday Adventure / Cry For Help

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Every year I set myself a birthday challenge – something that looks feasible from a distance but turns into a living hell close-up. Last year, I wandered across the North York Moors in an 8-hour October rainstorm (and ended up writing it up for the San Francisco Chronicle). On my birthday this year…well, I was busy. Too much writing, too much … Read More