The Language Of Olive Oil: A Personal History

MikeachimItaly7 Comments

Ready? Bite. Your first few seconds inside a dolmadakiĀ are all-important: it’s the home of that first intense pop of freshness, a blast of rice, mint, lemon juice, pine nut and whatever else has been added to the mix. It’s probably best to ram the whole oily parcel in your mouth before you bite down, unless you’re tackling the larger variety, … Read More

Audio Essay: Never Wait

MikeachimCyprus25 Comments

And because I apparently have a “crazy English accent”…. Here’s a story about timing. Once upon a time there was a kid with long, blond, curly hair and sun-browned legs. They were often tucked under him, on the middle of a row of airline seats ripped from a scrapped commercial jet. To the left, seat 1 contained a half-opened laminated … Read More

All Change At Cyprus

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For a change, I took the bus to work today. My daypack bulged with books: the Rough Guide to Cyprus, Colin Thubron’s Journey Into Cyprus, Tim Boatswain’s A Traveller’s History of Cyprus, and a number of careworn notebooks with “Cyprus” scrawled on their covers. The more observant among you may spot a common theme. But alas, no, I’m not off … Read More

How I Conquered My Love Of Flying

MikeachimThe Everyday29 Comments

Dear Tim, I feel incredibly foolish in saying this but…   I won’t be meeting you at the airport. That’s because I won’t be arriving on a plane. Because I suddenly can’t climb onto one.