Q10: Fitting A Door In My Brain

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The problem with using a PC that’s connected to the Internet – well, there are plenty of problems.

Oh, this will be a big list. Short break first.

E-mail. Digg – WOAH that’s crazy. Stumbleupon. Twitter. Facebook (Friends – status updates OHMYGOD message message message). BBC News. Huffington Post. E-mail again. How’s my Space Pioneers empire going? E-mail. Check Stumbles – that’s cool, that’s cool, that isn’t.

The main problems with

Where am I going with this? Stick to singular, keep on target. Stay on target. Stay on TARGET.

Watch 10 minutes of Star Wars.

Write on scifi forum about how much I hate all of Star Wars except the original film. Rant about how Battlestar Galactica makes everything and everyone look stupid by comparison.

The main problem with the Internet is

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I’m exhausted. I need a break.


Distractions are

Is that the damn time?

distracting. Holy shit, Einstein. Distractions are fundamental to the nature of the Internet – how online content is allowed to propagate. Social media (ie. Digg, Stumbleupon)

Twitter Digg HAHAH that’s wild, 80mph down a mountainside on an ironing board! – Stumbleupon, yes yes NO THAT’S LAME, EPIC THUMBS DOWN yes yes HAHAH Yes!.

is all about interrupting you from what you’re already doing. Organic and lateral, yes, but also wildly unfocussed

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and after a while, it rewrites your brain so your attention span is that of a gnat with a weak bladder. You just cannot

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focus for any length of time.

And that’s the curse of the Microsoft packages, and pretty much any other word processor out there.

Except this one.

I loaded up “Q10″ and immediately hated it. Where had my Start button gone? Where had the bottom toolbar gone? What the hell was this, DOS?(Oooh, clattery typewriter noises when you type, that’s fun. And a carriage return noise too – that’s my new Favourite Thing This Minute. Blog post idea: list of my new favourite things this week – on Friday there were 287 of them).

(Where was I?).

I can’t check my e-mail. I can’t even check my Facebook! What is this, the Dark Ages? Do I look like the Venerable Bede? Frigging stupid pissy broken backward…

I can focus on my work.

How interesting.

And anyway, all I have to do is press the Windows key and go back to my desktop. The main thing is that all the distractions aren’t on screen, clamouring for attention, reminding me of all the easier, less productive stuff I could be spending lower-quality time with. It’s the difference between a curtain and a door. It’s better.


How many words have I just written? (Rhetorical question, the wordcount is down there at the bottom).


I think I may have a new Favourite Thing Ever.