Mongol Rally 2011: You’re Doing *What*?

MikeachimThe Everyday12 Comments

It is described as “the greatest adventure in the world”. It’s 10,000 miles in vehicles powered by engines not exceeding 1,200cc and often chosen more for their novelty value that their long-distance roadworthiness – like ambulances (see above).

It’s delightful, eccentric, incredibly brave, thrillingly intrepid…and thoroughly bonkers.

There is nothing like staring down the bonnet of a Nissan Micra at hundreds of miles of dirt track and foot high rocks. Or driving for 15 hours and only getting 20km, then finding out it was in the wrong direction.

 – The Adventurists

It is, of course, the Mongol Rally, leaving Goodwood Circuit in England and honking, weaving, rumbling, lurching and juddering 10,000 miles across Europe to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Tomorrow, I’ll have the enormous pleasure to attend the Festival of Slow and watch these real-life Wacky Racers – including the travel-bloggers of the Social Media Syndicate – depart on the road-trip of a lifetime, probably marvelling at how calm and sane they appear considering what they’re about to do.

I’ll also be enormously jealous.

Watch this space.

(Unless I find some trunk-space to squeeze into, in which case, see you in a few months).

Image: HolidayExtras.