Mongol Rally 2011: The Festival Of Slow (Clothing Optional)

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The ambulance picks up speed. “I’m really sorry!” shouts the bleached-haired man in the doorway as I fight to click in my seat-belt. “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR….” “I said I’m really sorry – I’M ABOUT TO GET NAKED!” I laugh dutifully. Well, they’re adventurers, not comedians, and however in-jokey or lame their attempts at humour are, I’m their guest. I … Read More

Mongol Rally 2011: A Few Myths Busted

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Let’s say you bumped into me in the street a month ago, and asked me about the Mongol Rally. I’m ashamed to say I’d have sounded like a misinformed idiot. A Few Idiotic Myths About The Mongol Rally 1. It’s some kind of race, right? (To Mongolia? Duh). 2. It’s some kind of holiday. (Probably involving lots of good food … Read More

Mongol Rally 2011: You’re Doing *What*?

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It is described as “the greatest adventure in the world”. It’s 10,000 miles in vehicles powered by engines not exceeding 1,200cc and often chosen more for their novelty value that their long-distance roadworthiness – like ambulances (see above). It’s delightful, eccentric, incredibly brave, thrillingly intrepid…and thoroughly bonkers. There is nothing like staring down the bonnet of a Nissan Micra at … Read More