A Mile A Day #16: Is It Safe To Go Walking In Costa Rica? (And Other Stupid Questions)

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san jose costa rica

“This isn’t a good place for walking,” says Mariana. “You mean this suburb?” “I mean, the whole valley.” “All of San José?” “Plus there are unsafe areas. Not a good idea to walk through those, even in daylight.” “But…I have these weekly blog posts that I’m supposed to be…” She purses her lips. “I know. It’s going to be tricky.”

A Mile A Day #14: How Vitamin D Keeps You Walking

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Whew. Well, it’s been a rough week. I stepped away from my writing work to deal with family issues, and the stress of it has left me exhausted. Now everything’s resolved, it’s time to open my laptop and pick up all my work where I left off. But first – my morning walk.

A Mile A Day #13: Giving Up And Taking It Personally

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humber bridge

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. I lift my head cautiously, and pale daylight and freezing cold air pours into my bivvy bag. Aha – it’s a jogger, using the gravelly shoreline to get a morning sweat on, and she hasn’t seen me, so I duck my head again and flatten myself against the ground, hoping the bushes will hide me. Crunch, … Read More