Austria: Gone In 60 Seconds

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Here’s a true story about how I nearly didn’t go to Austria a few weeks ago. It was a really close thing. 60 seconds. 5.30am Stumbling. Coffee. Cannot. Think. Things, fanned out on the floor in an order than made perfect sense last night – or more correctly, earlier this morning. Most of everything is already packed, but these are … Read More

Bless Me: 5 Surprising Sides To York Minster

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York MinsterĀ (aka. York cathedral) dominates the city. Arguably, it is York, having been its social and geographical focus for over a thousand years. It’s a Gothic-style cathedral (the largest north of the Alps) of a scale and intricacy that will punch the breath right out of you at first sight – and it’s beautiful because of – rather than despite … Read More

I May Be Some Time

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“Excuse me,” says my new neighbour as I lock up, shivering in the night air. “Do you live here?” I squint through the glare of the front yard light while my mind explores what else I could possibly be, locking a front door behind me at 10pm. A very confused burglar? A very clever burglar?

The North York Moors: a Birthday Challenge

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“You do know the weather forecast is horrific, yes?” “Yes. But I am MIKE!” “What?” “Er – I’m MIKE. It’s…it’s like a rallying cry. I’m facing off against the world, see. Staring it down. And there can be only one winner.” “Well yes. That’s certainly true.” My housemate eyes me pityingly as I continue to lace up my boots.

Hornsea, Askance

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Hi. I’m a 38 year old man, living at home with his mum. (Until she’s recovered from her recent surgery. Probably returning to York this time next week). Walking through town last night, I squinted until everything was blurry – until it was 1998 again, the last time I lived here. I listened to someone explaining the finer points of … Read More