This Month In Travelllll (or Why I’m Freelancing Again)

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So, a few months back I was involved in the founding of a travel blogging news magazine called, henceforth called T5, lest I break my “l” key. And I worked over there for a month, writing 30+ articles on press trip opportunities and the enviably clever things travel bloggers are up to, and rather transparently cheerleading my love of … Read More

Involuntary Muttering Is A Sign I Miss You

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For the good of my new gig, I probably should start writing in here again. And here’s why. At Travelllll, I started out writing things like this: (click images to go to post) …and then gradually shifted to writing things like this…. …and then, all of a sudden, I wrote this. As you can see, I’m lapsing into fevered … Read More