How I Conquered My Love Of Flying

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Dear Tim, I feel incredibly foolish in saying this but…   I won’t be meeting you at the airport. That’s because I won’t be arriving on a plane. Because I suddenly can’t climb onto one.

Learning a Language: Live It, Label It

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I’m rubbish at learning languages. So for a language method to work, it has to be truly idiot-proof. Here are the best two ways I’ve found of learning a new language – one obvious and therefore my idea, and the other so cunning I’d never have thought of it. (Thanks, Ian). Both of them will ruin your home life and … Read More

Breaking The Ice With Strangers: Hook

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Breaking the ice with strangers as you travel. The road is a lonely place. Everyone’s a stranger. You long to connect with someone, anyone, but the odds are stacked against you. You’re in too much of a hurry to engage in social bonding rituals like feasting and hanging out. There’s the natural coolness in the air. And hey, you’re not … Read More

Go Home Again: 4 Ways To Love Where You Are

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cat and owner

One of the best points of any journey? The second day back home. It’s like this. Being wise, you’ve taken an extra three or four days off work for a post-holiday holiday, just enough time to battle jet-lag and sort through the mail. The first day is all about sleeping – and on the second day, in the same exhausted, … Read More