The Language Of Olive Oil: A Personal History

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Ready? Bite. Your first few seconds inside a dolmadakiĀ are all-important: it’s the home of that first intense pop of freshness, a blast of rice, mint, lemon juice, pine nut and whatever else has been added to the mix. It’s probably best to ram the whole oily parcel in your mouth before you bite down, unless you’re tackling the larger variety, … Read More

Austria Isn’t Just About The Cake

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  As you can see, Austria isn’t just about the incredible, rich, plentiful, gobsmacking varieties and quantities of cake on offer. In fact, it’s approximately 95% about the cake. But there’s mountains and stuff too. (So I’m told).

Balderdash! – Busting 5 Myths About England

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Ah, England! The mist-shrouded Arthurian ruins, the rolling green hills dotted with sleepy hamlets, nuns on bikes free-wheeling over cattle grids, tankards of warm beer, castles and orchards, jodhpurs and shooting-sticks, where monocles legally replace spectacles and more than two people will automatically form a queue, where everything is quaint and quintessential and steeped and… On and on. Planning a … Read More

Food On The Road: 8 Ways To Eat Well (And Eat Badly)

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Eating while you’re between places? Well, there are good ways…and there are bad ways. The good will keep you perked up, comfortably on budget and raring to go – and the bad will turn you into a penniless nutritional wreck. (Yes, I’ve done both. Hi there). Any of these sound welcomingly / horribly familiar?

Edible York 1, Mike 0

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My last post, summarised: Too many apples, can’t get rid of them, York is rubbish because it doesn’t allow you to get rid of too many apples (and hey come round for dinner if you’re not a gun-waving nutcase). Well, maybe I spoke a little hastily. It seems there’s a lot of free food to be had in York. (Including, … Read More

Yorkshire Puddings: Britain’s Most Fragile Crop

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If you’ve ever sat down to a proper English Sunday roast, you’ll be acquainted with one of Yorkshire‘s greatest cultural gifts to the world, the Yorkshire Pudding. I’ve always loved them – delicious and visually arresting, not to mention a great place to store excess gravy (and hey, who doesn’t want excess gravy?). But what exactly are they – and … Read More