Why I Love Your Travel Writing

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Oh, I love the way you write. Seriously. Such a thrill. I’ve read a lot of travel writing (and a lot of “How To” travel writing) online and offline — and it’s such a relief to read someone who truly gets it. I love your stuff. Here are three reasons why.

“I Lead”: A Corporate Tale

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FROM: Robert Agamemnon TO: John Achilles SUBJECT: Board meeting John, I appreciate your recent candour in the Sales Team Board Meeting, and while you know I greatly value your forthwithness and proactivity of expression, I feel you stepped over the line in a few places…

Asgaard’s Final Quest

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Fevered Mutterings v1: November 2004. An early sign that I wasn’t cut out for Real Life. ………. Asgaard clambered over the final ichor-streaked boulder. The last vicious Blood-Wyyrm lay behind him, innards strewn akimbo across the cold rock-cut passage floor. He had taken a fearful bite upon the thigh, but he shrugged it off with the weary practice of a … Read More

TV Is What Films Will Be When They Grow Up

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I’m a reluctant cinema-goer nowadays. This is because broadly speaking and generalising wildly, I’m a grown-up. Please excuse me the following rant / soliloquy. (I like to vent occasionally: it makes me a better person the rest of the time, in theory). Right. I love a good story (and yes, I’m a scifi/fantasy geek, but not exclusively). I want my … Read More