Fevered Mutterings: A Year In Review (Part 2)

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Clicked all the links in the first half of my 2011 roundup? Wired sums of money to me, tears of gratitude coursing down your cheeks? If not, I’ll wait for you to do that. (Note: I accept all major credit cards, all minor credit cards and pretty much anything I can turn into money – ie. no GoDaddy accounts, official … Read More

Audio Essay: Never Wait

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And because I apparently have a “crazy English accent”…. Here’s a story about timing. Once upon a time there was a kid with long, blond, curly hair and sun-browned legs. They were often tucked under him, on the middle of a row of airline seats ripped from a scrapped commercial jet. To the left, seat 1 contained a half-opened laminated … Read More

Freelance Writing: What I Did Wrong

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broken pencil

Okay, so I wrote this post called Freelance Writing: What I Did Right , about the things that worked for me in 2010 as a newly self-employed (p/t) writer. And I wrote it from the heart, as honestly as I could, in an attempt to avoid sounding smug. It’s up to you to decide if I succeeded or not. But … Read More

Freelance Writing: What I Did Right

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Hi! My name is Mike, and I’m the proud owner of a bouncing part-time online freelance writing business (staff: 1), focussing mainly on travel. So that makes me a travel writer, yes? Well…er… Tell you what, let’s┬ádiscuss that elsewhere, and for the moment, I’ll say “kinda” (or add that dignity-salvaging word “aspiring”). Ta. Being a freelance writer! Wow. Like, getting … Read More