The Blog Post I Least Want You To Read

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One of the many Rules Of Successful Writing (because there’s more than two, so yes, I lied – get over it) is that all your first attempts will be terrible. Your first drafts will fail to convey anything except confusion. Your turns of phrase will horrify more people than the average song by┬áScouting For Girls. You will be one enormous … Read More

The Unholy Trinity Of Bad Internet Lists

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(After my Twitter rant of last week, I needed a walk on the North York Moors to chill out. This I did. Did it work? Well, I’m now ranting about something else. I think this shows Progress.) So, you want your post to get lots of page-hits? Want traffic roaring like a scene from Days of Thunder? (Apologies for choice … Read More

383 Reasons I Haven’t Been Around

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In my line of work I get asked a lot of questions, such as “Why are you never around on your personal blog?”, “Did you actually read back what you’ve just written?”, “Where’s the money you owe me?” and “Why can’t you be funnier?”. I can answer the first question fairly easily. (The other three are more tricky).