A Mile A Day #14: How Vitamin D Keeps You Walking

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Whew. Well, it’s been a rough week. I stepped away from my writing work to deal with family issues, and the stress of it has left me exhausted. Now everything’s resolved, it’s time to open my laptop and pick up all my work where I left off. But first – my morning walk.

A Mile A Day #13: Giving Up And Taking It Personally

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humber bridge

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. I lift my head cautiously, and pale daylight and freezing cold air pours into my bivvy bag. Aha – it’s a jogger, using the gravelly shoreline to get a morning sweat on, and she hasn’t seen me, so I duck my head again and flatten myself against the ground, hoping the bushes will hide me. Crunch, … Read More

A Mile A Day #12: How To Walk 25 Miles In One Day

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Take this whole post with a massive pinch of salt. Believe nothing. Test everything. Your experience may differ. I couldn’t have written this post until a few days ago, because back then, I hadn’t walked 25 miles in one day. (Like, ever.) The 25-point-something mile walk I just did along the Trans Pennine Trail gave me a few insights, which … Read More

A Mile A Day #11: The Art Of The Start

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The beach stretches out before me. I’m here to see a sign – but the view grabs my attention. It says: Mike. Forget the sign. Forget all that stuff for a moment. Looooook. Every time, that view gets to me – especially in summer (above), but even now, in winter, with a gunmetal sea and a roaring sky and rain spattering … Read More

A Mile A Day #10: Why I Hate Walking As Much As I Hate Writing

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(Inspired/adapted/stolen from semi-rad‘s brilliant blog – and h/t Al Humphreys for making me aware of it.) I hated going for a walk this morning, but that’s nothing new. I also hated sitting down to write this, especially these first few minutes. These minutes are why a lot of people don’t write, and I cannot blame them. Starting to write is … Read More

A Mile A Day #8: Yeah, But Is It An Adventure?

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The path stretches out in front of me, yet again. I’m using the same photo from Day 4 because it’s the same view. Except it isn’t. I’m looking further, imagining what’s over the horizon – because in a week’s time, I’m going to attempt something stupid. But is it stupid enough? For the last few years, I’ve been trying to … Read More