Train Travel In The New World Order

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For some time now, I’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to secretly bring about a brave new global order. (I haven’t talked about it before now for hopefully obvious reasons). There will be many sweeping changes, and I look forward to discussing them with you – or, to be more specific, telling you about them in advance. For example, … Read More


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There’s one rule you should always follow when dining out in York, and it’s this: look up. My home city is head-scratchingly complicated. Thinking of opening a restaurant within the walls of York? Welcome to a heritage minefield, where you can’t unlatch a window without applying for planning permission first. Everything around you is deeply and highly old, and old … Read More

6 Ways to Crank the World Back into Shape

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Fevered Mutterings v3 – October 5th, 2008. Cranks will save the world. Nothing to do with Jason Statham, thankfully. No – I’m actually talking about mechanical power. And it’s something I feel strongly about. Philosophy. Labor-saving. Labour-saving. However you spell it, it’s become a curse. The theory is great. We use technology to make our lives more efficient, allowing us … Read More

Tea Bags and Glad Reps

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(Fevered Mutterings v1: 10th February 2005) Some people look down on tea-making. The job title tea boy is synonymous with the lowest rung of the task ladder. If you’re making the tea, you’re probably a temp or you’ve been very bad (“what do you mean, you crashed the server? Oh, go and make the tea”). In my mind, this is … Read More

TV Is What Films Will Be When They Grow Up

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I’m a reluctant cinema-goer nowadays. This is because broadly speaking and generalising wildly, I’m a grown-up. Please excuse me the following rant / soliloquy. (I like to vent occasionally: it makes me a better person the rest of the time, in theory). Right. I love a good story (and yes, I’m a scifi/fantasy geek, but not exclusively). I want my … Read More

Workin’ on the Chain: 16 Reasons We Need Bikes

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It’s the British National Bike Week – and on Thursday, I’ll be attending the University of York Cycle Fair (PDF). Please excuse me while I enthuse wildly on this subject. A Matter Of Fact Remember those long summer holidays where you bronzed your limbs by cycling helter-skelter down country paths, enjoying the movement of the pit of your stomach when … Read More

Putting My Best Mug Forward…

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Last month, I wrote an article about making a personal stand against throwaway cups. Since it got picked up by the Huffington Post, it’s about time I demonstrated that I’m a man whose words are equally balanced by his deeds. In short: meet my mug. Yes, it’s from Starbucks. Stake me to a tree and set wild leopards on me … Read More

Edinburgh, Back and Forth

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Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags, from Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle, from Salisbury Crags. Salisbury Crags and Edinburgh Castle, from Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh Tourist Board website All photos copyright M. Sowden 2009.