How To Fight Crime With Crap

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My rucksack top is open. I didn’t leave it that way, so…someone else has. They’ve pulled my bag under the chair I’ve been sitting on, and they’ve opened it. Mere curiosity? Alas – my travel wallet is gone, along with my passport, EastJet boarding pass and credit cards. I slump against a wall. I have 5 hours before my plane leaves. Ah, travel.

Travel Technology: It’s What It *Does*, Stupid

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What stuff do you need to go travelling? Let’s pretend we’re back at school, and that’s an essay question. What are we trained to do? Break down. (The question, I mean). We disassemble into its component concepts, in search of the tricksiest. And what’s the troublesome word here? Need. I have a real problem with that word – because I’m … Read More

Equipment Fail: 10 Traps of Travel Technology

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“Does technology make travel less interesting?”, asks Guardian journalist Vicky Baker in this article and on her blog. It’s a question we so rarely asked – maybe because it’s so tricky to answer. (After all, it’s technology that is allowing us to even ask the question, making hypocrites of us before we’ve even started). So what are the dangers of … Read More

Elsewhere (Sounding Off and Rolling Around)

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I’m over at EcoSalon today, looking at ways to turn the wearying din of the modern world into electricity and manufacture hydrogen fuel – or, put another way, the equivelent of  base metal into gold. It could be *that* big, if they nail the technology. Airports, motorways, quarrying, music events of any kind….Niagara Falls? You see what I mean. But there’s … Read More

How The Kindle Won Me Over In 7 Minutes

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Time – 00:00 Here is Mike, sat at a table. Mike is a bespectacled, somewhat vague and dishevelled looking man of indeterminate age . He’s in front of his laptop – and frankly, they both look like they’ve seen better years. From the half-open doorway comes a shout. “This thing is amazing.”

Opera Mini 5 and Skype Mobile: How They Shamed Me

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For the last 2 years, I’ve ignored the Cardinal Rule of IT Gadgets. And I only realised it last night. If you know me in three dimensions (that sounds rude – oh, you know what I mean), then you will have met my phone. I show my phone off at the drop of a hat. If someone mentions telephony within … Read More