Offline Maps: Can They Make You Smarter And Friendlier?

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Offline Maps: Can They Make You Smarter And Friendlier?

Paper maps make us more human. Let’s not ditch them just yet.

Who Is In Charge – You Or Your Map?

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They say it’s impossible to take a bad photo of Hadrian’s Wall. There are two reasons why this rule doesn’t apply to me right now. 1) My camera just died. 2) I’m nowhere near Hadrian’s Wall.

Maps: How One Travels Far

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Come with me into my dream home.

London: Still Mostly Bits Of Sky

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The first time I visited London I remembered it instantly. There are places that you visit and it’s all new enough for you to get lost within minutes. (I may be projecting. Please see the subtitle of this blog). And there are the other places – so enormously on the beaten track and beloved by […]

York: Remembering I’m Always In The Middle

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March 23rd 2006 The river Ouse was, for a long time, the bloodstream of mercantile York. In Roman times it provided the means to transport bulk goods for the military (grain, for example, as seen in the remnants of beetle-infested Roman grain cellars along Coney Street). It allowed cost-effective transportation of raw and worked materials […]

Travel Tip: Smapping

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Whenever I go anywhere new, I keep an eye out for information boards, so I can smap them. Smapping is the process of taking a digital photograph of a map that you won’t have access to later, except if you take a snap of it. My first smap was of the Durham train station ‘You […]