It’s The Words, Stupid

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Yeah, but…I like books, you know? I like the feel of the paper, the…paperyness of it. The white creases in the spine showing where the book slowed enough for someone to fan it out on a table or chair. I like how new hardbacks creak when you open them. I love bending open that first page, turning it from anyone’s … Read More

Travel Technology: It’s What It *Does*, Stupid

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What stuff do you need to go travelling? Let’s pretend we’re back at school, and that’s an essay question. What are we trained to do? Break down. (The question, I mean). We disassemble into its component concepts, in search of the tricksiest. And what’s the troublesome word here? Need. I have a real problem with that word – because I’m … Read More

How The Kindle Won Me Over In 7 Minutes

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Time – 00:00 Here is Mike, sat at a table. Mike is a bespectacled, somewhat vague and dishevelled looking man of indeterminate age . He’s in front of his laptop – and frankly, they both look like they’ve seen better years. From the half-open doorway comes a shout. “This thing is amazing.”