Clueless (And Loving It) in Berlin

He points at me – no, past me. A blast of German. “I..don’t speak…” “The train station is closing”. I turn around and head back out of the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn, running just far enough ahead of the advancing officials to buy a sandwich from a kiosk. I’m dimly aware I have a good walk ahead of me. How full is my … Read More

Sleepless In Stupidity

Why, why do I do this. Through disorganisation, laziness and maybe some deeply-rooted sense of puritanical masochism, I recently travelled on too little sleep. World, hate it, hate it all, stab stabbity stab.

Can We Ever Agree On Authenticity?

“Authentic travel”. Buzz-phrase of a generation. We’re all in search of it. The travel industry is obsessed with it. What a shame we have no idea what it actually is.

It Doesn’t Mean The Same In Greece

Athens News, 1st June 2007 (read on Naxos, in the sunshine, waiting for lunch to arrive, picking through my Rough Guide and scoffing the free bread. Yes, a tough day).