Why I Love Your Travel Writing

travel pens

I love the way you write. Seriously. Such a thrill. I’ve read a lot of travel writing (and a lot of “How To” travel writing) online and offline — and it’s such a relief to read someone who truly gets it. I love your stuff. Here are three reasons why.

The 2 Rules Of Successful Writing

There are only two rules of successful writing. (Oh, there are lots of techniques, tips and strategies. But there are only two rules. Break these, you’re doomed. It’s that simple).

“I Lead”: A Corporate Tale

FROM: Robert Agamemnon TO: John Achilles SUBJECT: Board meeting John, I appreciate your recent candour in the Sales Team Board Meeting, and while you know I greatly value your forthwithness and proactivity of expression, I feel you stepped over the line in a few places…

Asgaard’s Final Quest

Fevered Mutterings v1: November 2004. An early sign that I wasn’t cut out for Real Life. ………. Asgaard clambered over the final ichor-streaked boulder. The last vicious Blood-Wyyrm lay behind him, innards strewn akimbo across the cold rock-cut passage floor. He had taken a fearful bite upon the thigh, but he shrugged it off with the weary practice of a … Read More

TV Is What Films Will Be When They Grow Up

I’m a reluctant cinema-goer nowadays. This is because broadly speaking and generalising wildly, I’m a grown-up. Please excuse me the following rant / soliloquy. (I like to vent occasionally: it makes me a better person the rest of the time, in theory). Right. I love a good story (and yes, I’m a scifi/fantasy geek, but not exclusively). I want my … Read More