A Mile A Day #8: Yeah, But Is It An Adventure?

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The path stretches out in front of me, yet again. I’m using the same photo from Day 4 because it’s the same view. Except it isn’t. I’m looking further, imagining what’s over the horizon – because in a week’s time, I’m going to attempt something stupid. But is it stupid enough? For the last few years, I’ve been trying to … Read More

A Mile A Day #7: Cleaning My Boots Like A Loser

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Today I met one of the world’s greatest travellers. I found him hunched down behind a bench, just round the corner from my local Tesco. It was a foul night for a walk, with the rain siling down and gusts of wind flinging it in your face, but it didn’t bother him one bit. He’s seen far worse. This isn’t … Read More

A Mile A Day #6: Hey Sky, Why So Pushy?

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I took a long walk along the beach with the dog today, and the sky pushed me over. It roared and shrieked and howled, great gusts of meteorological rage out of a clear blue sky, and eventually I was flung off the sea wall (don’t worry, it’s only 2 feet high) and lay there on my back, on the sand, … Read More

A Mile A Day #4: Seeing From Scratch

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The path stretches out in front of me, and I pretend I know nothing about it. It’s a difficult lie, this not-knowing thing. I’ve walked up and down this particular path hundreds of times. It connects to the hometown of my childhood to the city I retook my A-levels in as an adult, preparing for a career in Archaeology. My … Read More

A Mile A Day #3: What’s Inside My Dog?

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Do dogs worry? I keep one eye on my mum’s dog, Kai, as we go for a walk through town and around the park. What is he looking at? Does he ever stop looking at things and fret about the past or future, like we apes do? Does he think things like: I bet it’ll be bloody dog food for … Read More