Crush It! – A Blogger’s Review

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“What, another one?” At the TBU Conference a couple of weeks ago,¬†John O’Nolan of the WordPress UI team suggested we all read a particular self-help book. Regular readers – hey, allow me my illusions – will know my relationship with self help books is an uneasy one. But (a) John clearly Knows Stuff, and (b) hey, another book on the … Read More

TBU ’11: A List Of Top Non-Tens

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In the style of ieatmypigeon. With a dash of mobilelawyer-style list-hatred. And a dollop of laziness, because 10 is way too huge and my life is short. Last Sunday I attended the second day of the Travel Bloggers Unite 2011 Conference in Manchester. I’ve always prided myself on being the kind of person that does things by halves, and this … Read More

Right, You’re Bannered

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One thing about switching to Ravi Varma‘s WordPress template, as clean and white as a Greek wall in Plato’s head,¬† is that I get to play with the banner. Every time you refresh the page, you should see a new banner image. Except, not so much with the “new” thing right now: a few stock photo that came with the … Read More

Where Did It Go?

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Good question. You may remember there was a blog here called Fevered Mutterings (v3), packed to the rafters with wibblings. Well, yesterday I realised I hadn’t archived it properly. So I went into my webspace to do just that. It involved moving files around into one folder, so I could export that folder onto my laptop for archiving. When I … Read More