If Tyrion Lannister Had A Travel Blog…

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Hi everyone!

Well, its been quite a week here at TravelsWithTyrion.com. Like, the best ever. LOL.

The good news is:



The bad news is things aren’t good with my family :( Which is kinda why I left.

It was a good time to leave home for a while. Sis was acting weird and talking about killing everyone again, and Dad looked like he’s going to spend his rest of his life on the toilet (sorry, TMI, also inside joke LOL).

Reminds me why I love #travel #goals #friends #armies #slaves


Pleeeeeeease stop using #VisitCasterlyRock. They’ve totally treated me like REALLY BADLY and as soon as I hit dry land I’m sending a raven to Chris Elliott about them.

Totally not cool.

Instead, follow my upcoming writeups with the hashtag


I was totally THRILLED to be exploring the Braavosi Coastlands with Varys of NeuteredNomad.


We started in the beautiful city of Pentos, famous for it’s super-happy people and metal-collar-and-legchains jewellery,

Then we ate delicious local food, staying off the beaten track as much as possible, and generally trying to #livelikealocal. My posts are epic and you will love them. Plus 360-degree Facebook video of burning ships (SPOILERS!)


Follow the hashtag #BurnWesteros for my next exciting campaign!


Got to fire a crossbow!

Escaped a death sentence!

Stowed away on a ship!

Made new friends!

Laughed as friend destroyed enemy fleet!

7 days without shaving (ready for #Movember!)


Best tweet about crappy #VisitCasterlyRock will win a luxury gold Lannister chain of office!

(Totally beautiful! Last owner (my ex-gf!) got totally choked up when it was time to let go of it. NOTE: a few links are slightly stretched and bent.)

Following tweets are for demonstration purposes only.


I’m going to be a bit busy with family stuff for a while (and also, exclusive, I’m secretly working with an AMAZING NEW STARTUP that’s totally going to take over the world and I can’t talk about it right now, but I’ll just say one thing, DRAGONS!).

So I wont be updating Travels With Tyrion very much for a while, so! i’d love some guest contributions. I cant offer pay but its great exposure for your brand and also I will remember you when I rule King’s Landing (LOL).

Please email smallguybigplans AT gmail.com.

Thx! Love you all,


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