Freelance Writing: What I Did Right

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Hi! My name is Mike, and I’m the proud owner of a bouncing part-time online freelance writing business (staff: 1), focussing mainly on travel. So that makes me a travel writer, yes? Well…er… Tell you what, let’s┬ádiscuss that elsewhere, and for the moment, I’ll say “kinda” (or add that dignity-salvaging word “aspiring”). Ta. Being a freelance writer! Wow. Like, getting … Read More

TBU ’11: A List Of Top Non-Tens

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In the style of ieatmypigeon. With a dash of mobilelawyer-style list-hatred. And a dollop of laziness, because 10 is way too huge and my life is short. Last Sunday I attended the second day of the Travel Bloggers Unite 2011 Conference in Manchester. I’ve always prided myself on being the kind of person that does things by halves, and this … Read More

Equipment Fail: 10 Traps of Travel Technology

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“Does technology make travel less interesting?”, asks Guardian journalist Vicky Baker in this article and on her blog. It’s a question we so rarely asked – maybe because it’s so tricky to answer. (After all, it’s technology that is allowing us to even ask the question, making hypocrites of us before we’ve even started). So what are the dangers of … Read More

I May Be Some Time

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“Excuse me,” says my new neighbour as I lock up, shivering in the night air. “Do you live here?” I squint through the glare of the front yard light while my mind explores what else I could possibly be, locking a front door behind me at 10pm. A very confused burglar? A very clever burglar?

Racing The Light In Chania

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I’m running along the harbour wall, and I’m not going to make it. Yet another heart-rendingly beautiful Crete sunset is turning the sea copper, pulling the distant coastline into shadow. Presumably I’ll get bored of these at some point. Nice sunset. Meh. I’m trying to prepare myself for the disappointment of wasting this one. Of not making it in time. … Read More

Dumbing Down Is Not A New Thing

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During our travels we have consorted with several kings, as different in their manners and their opinions as are the different geographical situations of their countries, yet little by little we have found among them the same accord in recognizing that all traces of science have vanished and that its splendour is spent; learning has become too general and has … Read More