Kathleen Jamie’s “Findings”: Don’t Fear The Dark

MikeachimOrkney2 Comments

For five thousand years we have used darkness as the metaphor of our mortality. We were at the mercy of merciless death, which is darkness. When we died, they sent a beam of midwinter light in among our bones. What a tender, potent gesture. In the Christian era, we were laid in our graves to face the rising sun. We’re … Read More

The Language Of Olive Oil: A Personal History

MikeachimItaly7 Comments

Ready? Bite. Your first few seconds inside a dolmadakiĀ are all-important: it’s the home of that first intense pop of freshness, a blast of rice, mint, lemon juice, pine nut and whatever else has been added to the mix. It’s probably best to ram the whole oily parcel in your mouth before you bite down, unless you’re tackling the larger variety, … Read More

Ghost Town, Halfway Home

MikeachimEngland9 Comments

He points the gun in my face. I’ve no idea how to react. I fall backwards on the grass, not because I’m scared (it’s all too sudden for that), but because falling over is about the only thing I can think of doing. Down on the ground, it occurs to me that if this was a movie, I’d now be … Read More