Austria Isn’t Just About The Cake

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  As you can see, Austria isn’t just about the incredible, rich, plentiful, gobsmacking varieties and quantities of cake on offer. In fact, it’s approximately 95% about the cake. But there’s mountains and stuff too. (So I’m told).

Trains Lend A Sense Of Perspective

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Yes, trains certainly give you that. And there’s little more enticing than a railway track meeting the horizon. Railways, like rivers, are difficult subjects for writers because they go on and on. – Eric Newby, The Big Red Train Ride. All photos: M. Sowden 2007/2010.

Racing The Light In Chania

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I’m running along the harbour wall, and I’m not going to make it. Yet another heart-rendingly beautiful Crete sunset is turning the sea copper, pulling the distant coastline into shadow. Presumably I’ll get bored of these at some point. Nice sunset. Meh. I’m trying to prepare myself for the disappointment of wasting this one. Of not making it in time. … Read More

London: Still Mostly Bits Of Sky

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The first time I visited London I remembered it instantly. There are places that you visit and it’s all new enough for you to get lost within minutes. (I may be projecting. Please see the subtitle of this blog). And there are the other places – so enormously on the beaten track and beloved by the popular media that you’ve … Read More