Porto & Elsewhere: Give Me (Another) Minute, Will You?

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in England, Portugal | 6 Comments

I’ve been seeing a lot of the East Midlands Parkway train station recently. The towers of Ratcliffe-On-Soar Power Station have become a welcoming sight, if you can say such a thing about a series of huge concrete tubes belching 10 million tonnes of CO2 every year (the 18th heaviest emitter in Europe). There’s something curiously […]

Dead Air Under London

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London breathes on my back. Around me, shirts billow, dresses flare and hats are clutched, as the stuffy, tasteless air roars past us in search of somewhere to dump its heat. Behind me, the mournful screee of an Underground Tube train – and around me, a subterranean London that is far from solid. Imagine laying […]

Balderdash! – Busting 5 Myths About England

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in England | 39 Comments

Ah, England! The mist-shrouded Arthurian ruins, the rolling green hills dotted with sleepy hamlets, nuns on bikes free-wheeling over cattle grids, tankards of warm beer, castles and orchards, jodhpurs and shooting-sticks, where monocles legally replace spectacles and more than two people will automatically form a queue, where everything is quaint and quintessential and steeped and… […]

London: Still Mostly Bits Of Sky

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The first time I visited London I remembered it instantly. There are places that you visit and it’s all new enough for you to get lost within minutes. (I may be projecting. Please see the subtitle of this blog). And there are the other places – so enormously on the beaten track and beloved by […]

Hard Work Pays Off Later – Laziness Pays Off Now.

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“Hello, Mike. Where have you been?” Here’s exactly how I’m not going to tell you.