Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”: Why Bother?

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Mr Brooker, I sympathise. But you’re wrong. (Kinda). The first 5 episodes are a worrying experience. Your expectations are high – because this is Joss Whedon of “Firefly”, which showed that Mr. Whedon could make TV history in just 14 episodes (New Scientist’s “World’s Best Space Scifi Ever”; inspiration for the name of Google’s next-gen application, Wave; and snowballing quietly … Read More

Train Travel In The New World Order

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For some time now, I’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to secretly bring about a brave new global order. (I haven’t talked about it before now for hopefully obvious reasons). There will be many sweeping changes, and I look forward to discussing them with you – or, to be more specific, telling you about them in advance. For example, … Read More

Ever Get A Tattoo, Mike?

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You know, I think I would get a tattoo one day. (And thank you for asking). It would be a small one, placed somewhere off the beaten track, yet somewhere dignified. Not like these, for example. In a thrall of gut-wrenched horror, I added this to the Stumbleupon review page: Seeing these makes me want to burn down the world … Read More

Journey Home, Interrupted

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Oh boy. I’m sat in an Internet cafe in Kirkwall. The Orkney bus (connecting me with Inverness and all my trains back home) left an hour ago. I’m a numpty. Coming back from Greece in ’07, a delayed train screwed me over and forced me to buy new tickets (which I recouped some of the cost of, because it wasn’t … Read More

Blog, Interrupted

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It’ll be quiet in here for a bit. Here’s the reason. Departing at 12:50am on Friday morning, the train will carry me north, depositing me ignominiously in Newcastle where I have to hang around for hours before riding in the belly of another iron beastie to Edinburgh, leaping off once more, waiting for a few heartbeats and then flinging myself … Read More

Ayuda! – Fiesta at the Trafford Centre (Part 1)

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When I’m writing about other countries, I’m deeply aware of my journalistic responsibilities. It’s deeply important to portray other nations and other peoples using nothing but honest reportage and cold hard fact, free of cultural bias, jingoistic xenophobia and other popular British pastimes. In short: I have to be open-minded. I’ll tell you things as they really are. I won’t … Read More