Journey Home, Interrupted

MikeachimOrkney8 Comments

Oh boy.

I’m sat in an Internet cafe in Kirkwall. The Orkney bus (connecting me with Inverness and all my trains back home) left an hour ago.

I’m a numpty.

Coming back from Greece in ’07, a delayed train screwed me over and forced me to buy new tickets (which I recouped some of the cost of, because it wasn’t my fault). This time, I’ve managed to write down the wrong departure time of the Orkney bus into my oh-so-organised travel notebook, and somehow failed to spot the error when I’ve checked through my notes – even though the right time is on the Orkney bus ticket. I can see exactly how it’s happened, even though it’s truly, gloriously dim of me. It’s most assuredly my fault this time.

So – a nice illustration of these tips in action.

Single rail fare from Inverness to York for tomorrow – £108.

(I may have panicked when I saw this. I may have spat coffee).

Single tickets from Inverness to Perth, Perth to Edinburgh and Edinburgh to York – £68.

Thank god for the extra money I put aside for emergencies, eh?