Science Is The Ultimate Ripping Yarn

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Previously in ‘Everything That Ever Happened Everywhere’…

[quote style=”boxed”]Another important prediction yielded by nuclear physics is that the light elements hydrogen, helium, and lithium were made in the early universe , whereas the heavier elements were made later, in stars. This means, as one observer put it, that the periodic table is a phylogeny — a record of evolutionary development. If, as many theorists suspect, the constants of nature were decided by random “phase transitions” that took place during the first moments of time, then the laws of nature, too, are evidence of historical events. Evolution is creative: in an evolving universe, all events could not be predicted even if we knew the precise state of the early universe. Cosmology is an ongoing story.[/quote]

The Whole Shebang: A State Of The Universe(s) Report,  Timothy Ferris*

*No, not that one

Image: NASA Goddard Photo & Video

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