Storytelling: Free eBook – “How To Make People Care About Anything”

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Update: go here for my more recent 10-part series on storytelling for beginners.

Storytelling. It’s not just for fun. It underpins everything. And I have a lot to say on this topic.

So I put it all into an ebook.

Click here to download “Storytelling or How To Make People Care About Anything 

(PDF, 6.5mb)

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In an ideal world, you’d look like this as you read it.

If that doesn’t happen, at least you’ve not lost any money – because this book is 100% free.

You can do pretty much anything you like with it – share it, host it, discuss it, comprehensively rubbish it Oatmeal-style in a public place – it’s your choice.

It’s designed to get people thinking (which is why I’d much appreciate you passing it around). Thinking about what? About storytelling not just as something that naturally arises from “good writing”, and definitely not as a fun but unnecessary luxury for any creative and/or business endeavour – but as the bedrock of everything we do. Our brains are made of stories, and we’re completely helpless in the face of a good one…

I love this field of study, and I hope that if you read this booklet, you’ll start to feel the same way.

Thanks for your time.

– Mike

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