Hi! I’m an email copywriter because, as you know, it’s an extraordinarily effective way of telling stories, selling products and doing meaningful marketing that really sticks. Recent studies have shown that…

Woah woah woah.


Hey. Why – why the face there?

Oh no. Hold on.

You haven’t bought into all that social media Rah Rah hype, have you? About how Facebook and Twitter are allegedly the kings of engagement? All those absurd “email is dead and buried” headlines?

You didn’t actually believe that social media had replaced e-mail as the most effective way to reach people online?

Oh boy. Seriously – no.


Okay. Deep breath.

I was going to start by explaining how I can help you – but clearly, some groundwork is needed.



Email is so utterly non-dead that someone made this site to prove it, using as many verifiable facts as they could find.

Email is still so important, so timelessly timely, that you’ll find every single big online business backed up with a killer email strategy. Probably one crafted with the help of Copyhackers or Copyblogger or someone else out there who teaches email marketing for a living.

(Oh, and they’re raking the money in as they do it. How? Because it works. And people who do stuff that works? They get paid.)

In fact, I’m not even sure that people who write anti-email headlines are being entirely serious.

Fun fact: the last time I read someone arguing that, it was in an e-mail they wrote to their list. I spat my tea. Actual tea came out of my face as a result.

E-mail is astonishingly powerful, because for almost everyone with a phone, it’s what they check the moment they wake up. Usually before Facebook, before Twitter.

Even better? It sticks around.

Long after someone else’s social feed has swept your messages off the screen and into oblivion, email is still in their Inbox, requiring either a response or a deletion – and in each case, that email will get noticed. That email will get read.

Okay, I won’t labour this. But here are my own findings, comparing social media directly to e-mail. Bit of an unfair comparison, as I hope you can see from the results.

As that article shows, I used email (Mailchimp, specifically) to create a free course on storytelling for bloggers that has now been taken by 3,000+ people and has allowed me to create a side-business in story consultancy.

(Want to take a look at the course? Sign up here.)


aka. Here’s How I Can Help You

So, why do I focus on writing email campaigns for people?


(1) Because it’s fun.

(2) Because I’ve learned how to do it well.

(3) Because it works.

If you’re reading this, and you’re wanting my help in crafting killer campaigns for your own business, you’re probably only interested in (3), and I totally get that.

(In that case, I’d urge you to get in contact (by email, of course), so I can explain exactly how it works, and maybe even show you why.)

But if e-mail campaigns are done right, that sense of fun in (1) is what your reader/customer feels…and that bunch of skills in (2) is what you’ll learn from doing things in a particular way, with my help.

The right email campaign can utterly transform your business. (It has for many, many others – myself included).

And I’d love to help you build yours.

Drop me a line here, and let’s get started.

– Mike

Images: Pixabay