An Introduction To Storytelling

Hands up if this is you:

  • You’re a blogger who wants an audience that really gets you. You want your blog to instantly communicate what you’re doing and why they should care. But it’s not. It’s just not working.
  • You’re a small business owner, and you know you have the right service or product – you just don’t know how to get that message out in a way that sticks.
  • You’re a writer with talent – but your work isn’t hanging together, your book proposal feels scatterbrained, your pitches aren’t getting accepted, and you’re just not getting anywhere

Here’s the solution to these problems….

All You Need Is The Right Story.

(And a ton of hard work.)

Yes, really.

Have you heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? It’s the art of helping search engines discover your great content.

(Here’s the best introduction I’ve read on the subject.)

SEO is important with anything you do online – but what happens when those people actually arrive? What’s the point of having an absolutely killer strategy for getting discovered, but your content, the thing you’re promoting, isn’t getting into people’s heads in the way you want it to?

Simply put…

Storytelling is SEO for the human brain.

Storytelling makes content sink deep into people. It hooks them, it excites them, it gives them vicarious experiences that are just as powerful as the real thing. Storytelling is an immensely powerful set of tools for making people care.

That’s why you need it, if you’re building anything online.

(Want more background info? Here’s a free ebook on the subject – and here’s a pile of free storytelling resources.)

As a storytelling consultant, I’ve spent the last two years helping individuals and small businesses craft the stories they need to build audiences that care. Now I’ve bundled everything I’ve learned into two products:

– my free introductory e-mail course, which you can sign up for here

 – …and my Storytelling For Bloggers course over at We Create, relaunching soon.

If you’re in need of some 1-to-1 help, contact me here.