Bloggers, What Are You Building?

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Where are you going with your blog? What’s it going to become?

(If it becomes something that’s at least 10 times better than the competition out there, you’re going to get all the attention and traffic you’ve ever dreamed of. So go do that, ok?)


Here are some people who built – or are building – something remarkable.
  • In 2009, blog post by blog post, author Andy Weir told the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars. At the urging of his 3,000+ daily readers, he put the book onto Amazon for 99 cents – and it sold 35,000 copies. Then the book deal came along – and in 2015, the Ridley Scott film, starring Matt Damon.
  • Help desk software company Groove decided to blog everything they did (including mistakes) to build their business up to $100k of recurring revenue every month – and they hugely increased traffic to their site. (They’re now at $400k a month.)
  • In 2010, artist Lisa Congdon set herself a challenge: “On each of [the next] 365 days, I would post a photograph of one of my own collections or a drawing or painting of an imagined collection on a blog called A Collection a Day.” The project found a huge audience, turned into a book, and helped launch her career as an author.
  • Pat Flynn is building an impossibly huge guide to building a business online that doesn’t require your presence to make money.
  • Benny Lewis is trying to learn pretty much every language in the world – and then turn what he’s learned into a language-hacking course.


Need further inspiration?
  • Try a 100 Day Project (no, you don’t have to wait until April next year – just get on with it).
  • Choose a topic and take your readers on a 31-day training programme through it, and then return again and again and again, adding new links each time, until you’ve got something and mindbogglingly definitive as Darren Rowse’s 31 Days To Building A Better Blog page.
  • Write a blog where every entry looks like a page from a book by Keri Smith – ie. playful, profound, anarchic and fun. Because, f*** the rules.

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