Why I Love Your Travel Writing

travel pens

I love the way you write. Seriously. Such a thrill. I’ve read a lot of travel writing (and a lot of “How To” travel writing) online and offline — and it’s such a relief to read someone who truly gets it. I love your stuff. Here are three reasons why.

TBEX ’10 Keynote Round-Up

If you want to understand just why I was so chuffed to be included in the TBEX Community Keynote last weekend, go to Nerd’s Eye View and have a read of the other pieces. They’re all ridiculously good. I still see and hear people get sniffy against travel blogging. I still see and hear a few people mutter “oh, it’s … Read More

There’s That Voice Again

Stories, I said. Here’s mine. Since returning from Orkney I’ve been freelancing over at WebUrbanist and its sister-site WebEcoist, and my final post for them will be going up on November 24th. And after that? In the immediate short-term, I’ll be looking after my mum when she comes out of hospital after some surgery (all’s gone well, but I’ll be … Read More

What Is A Staycation?

As the leaves turn golden and Christmas approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to what truly sucked about 2009. Top of my list? “Staycations”. Oh, you horrible, horrible word – a wretched portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation” (and perhaps a silent “bullshit”). British media coverage has been intense. Every newspaper, every radio presenter – such as this one – and every … Read More