Hi. I’m Mike.

I’m a travel writer who helps people tell better stories.

In 2012 I became a full-time writer and part-time world traveller. So far, it’s working out nicely. (Apart from the travel. I keep doing that wrong.)

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Welcome to Fevered Mutterings

As well as being the home of my storytelling consultancy business, Fevered Mutterings is a blog about independent travel, making it as a writer, joyful misadventure, burning curiosity and wild experiments in creating (and selling) stuff on the internet.

It follows three philosophies:


Travel Weirdly

Like sleeping outside without a tent or on airport floorswalking 25 miles in one day, avoiding planes and fast travel where possible, or refusing to label anywhere as “bad”. (This year I’m walking a mile a day to see what I can learn about the world.)


Make Fearlessly

How do you get started as a travel writer (& not suck at it)? What’s the napkin theory of blogging? Is there a “Things To Do Before You Die” list that’s actually achievable? How can you avoid being one of the 95% of bloggers who give up? (I made an entire course to answer this question.)


Keep Asking Questions

Is it really possible to be bored on the internet? What happens to your body if you get too hot or too cold? Does it really always rain in England? Why are coffee shops good for your creative brain? How can you make people care about anything?

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