Hi. I’m Mike.

I’m a travel writer who helps people tell better stories – particularly using e-mail campaigns.

I also like testing things out, just to see what happens – like:

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In 2012, in my biggest experiment of all, I became a full-time writer and part-time world traveller. So far, it’s working out nicely. (Apart from the travel. I keep doing that wrong.)

Fevered Mutterings is where I share everything I’ve learned about becoming a professional roaming writer, storyteller and misadventurer. (Read my full story here).


As Seen In

My Experiments So Far


I grew up in Cyprus, so my heart is in the Mediterranean, and I suspect it’ll never leave.

Right now, the rest of me is travelling around Europe – and embarking on a quest to visit and write about every city in the UK. I’ll probably be using the train network (here’s how to keep your tickets cheap) and I hope lots of things will go wrong, because that’s how good stories happen.

The rest of the time, I like sleeping outside in a sack. It’s all very British really.

Writing & Publishing

I started writing professionally in 2009. Since 2012 it’s been my main source of income.

You’ll hear a lot in the media about how it’s nearly impossible to get paid as a writer these days. I take a different view (and so does this guy).

Nevertheless, it’s hard. It’s the toughest, scariest job I’ve ever done, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes – which have proved so useful that I hope I make many more.


Firstly, I’d suggest you check out my free storytelling course. (I’m not kidding. 100% free.)

Storytelling consultancy (I know, I know – sounds weird to me too) is now a big part of how I make a living, and I’ve spoken at conferences in The NetherlandsIreland, Italy, Portugal and Canada on the subject.

Here are some of my best storytelling tips from the last 5 years.