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It’s midweek again, and yet again I’m elsewhere.
(I’m actually writing something about an axe-wielding civil servant. Check back later, even if you’re of a nervous disposition – it’s not what you think).
I may be absent (physically, mentally etc.) but don’t worry! Your eyes are in good hands.

I’m deeply sorry for that mental image. Yes, I too feel slightly ill now. But the worst is over. For the next few paragraphs you’re mercifully spared my unwholesome, stomach-flopping rhetoric as we continue with my midweek guest post series, following in the footsteps of Robin, Lisa and Cherrye in answering the following question:

“Let’s imagine I’ve never travelled, and I’ve never wanted to. What am I missing out on?”

This week it’s the turn of Danielle Russo of WhenInRomeTours – and her focus is Italy. And who in their right mind could blame her?


Missing Out on Italy

At the risk of sounding precocious, I always feel bad for people who have never been to Italy. This is especially true for people of Italian descent. My life changed the day I first set foot in Italy, and I love sharing stories about with others who feel the way I do about it.

An Italian-American relative of mine is terrified of flying. He always says “I’ll go to Italy when they build a bridge and I can drive there”. In fact, he is so afraid of flying that a few years ago when he won a raffle and had the chance to go to Florida and participate in Spring training with the Boston Red Sox, he chickened out at the last minute because he couldn’t get on the plane! Any self respecting Bostonian would give their front teeth to be able to hit the ball around with the Boston Red Sox. Lucky for him, where he couldn’t manage to go to the Red Sox, soon enough the Red Sox would go to him.

Italy, on the other hand…fat chance.

There are so many things about Italy that everyone should get a chance to discover in their lifetime.
Here are five of those that I can’t imagine not being able to experience firsthand.


The Sistine Chapel
You can see it in books, films, and even movies, but nothing compares to standing underneath the massive ceiling panels that Michelangelo himself slaved over for 4 years.

A Walk along the Via Sacra
Few people know that one can actually still walk along the very stones that Ancient Romans such as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, and Nero walked while going to and from the Roman Forum (top). Watching the Colosseum rise up in front of you as you climb the Via Sacra and pass through the arch of Titus is an experience of a lifetime.


Florence Duomo
The Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore is one of those places where no matter how many times you have been, it will take your breath away.

View from Positano
If I had to describe the word bliss, for me it would surely be sipping a prosecco while sitting by the pool at one of the boutique hotels in Positano, overlooking the cliffs, flowers, and colors of the pristine Amalfi Coast.

A Real Gelato
Trust me, you may never want ice cream outside of Italy again. It’s THAT good.

Danielle Russo is a coordinator of Rome and Vatican Tours. She lives in Rome, Italy and writes about travel for MNUI travel insurance as well as WhenInRomeTours.com.

Images: rmlowe and Danielle Russo.