Why Cherrye Travels

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“Why aren’t you travelling yet?” people often ask me.
(Well, to be more specific they say “Oh – are you still here?”, but it’s the same question phrased differently, I feel sure).
My excuses for not yet being on the road are many and varied, and include things such as Finances, Short-term Career Commitments and I Still Haven’t Completed Final Fantasy XII. All perfectly valid reasons to lurk in a darkened room drinking too much coffee while other people are larking around in the sunshine having a Life.
The one excuse you’ll never hear from me is “I’d rather stay at home”. And I’m not the only one who feels the same – so I’ve invited a few folk to stop by once a week to answer the following question:

“Let’s imagine I’ve never travelled, and I’ve never wanted to. What am I missing out on?”

I’ve had Robin Locker outline her 5 “E”s of travel and Lisa Fantino call me a rude name – and this week, I’m delighted to welcome Cherrye Moore of My Bella Vita to try to imagine the inconceivable…


Some travelers might feel shocked by Mike’s question and be afraid to peer down a path that doesn’t include frequent cross-country jaunts or stints on international soil. They can’t conceive a life without traveling and can’t imagine how empty their lives would feel without their nomadic experiences.

It’s an interesting, yet somewhat terrifying prospect … not being able to travel and even more troubling … not wanting to.

But on a very small scale, I understand it.

I was not born to a wanderlust family who took international vacations or even lengthy domestic trips. Yes, we had fun summers and visited nice hotels in nearby cities, but the idea of a Disney vacation or trip to NYC or even a long weekend in New Orleans, was not in my mother’s southeast Texas blood.

Beyond her fear of flying and boredom of driving there is indifference to what it would be like to actually experience the places she sees in my photos.

She is the epitome of an arm-chair traveler-she is well-educated-an avid reader-and loves to hear about my latest trip or upcoming vacation.

She watches the occasional travel show and sends me articles and travel tips she reads online.

But what is she missing?

The experience.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then breathing the air for yourself is worth a million photos.

You can read about Calabria’s spicy nduja spread all you want, but if you’ve never tasted it, smeared it across a warm piece of toasted casereccio bread … you don’t get it.

Same goes with climbing the 386 stairs to the top of Notre Dame and breathing the cool, crisp French air high about the City of Lights (top).


Or walking through a busy subway, surrounded by foreign voices and incomprehensible announcements.

But for me, the desire to travel goes far beyond wanting to eat new food, gaze across a famous city or fall in love with a new language, traveling has made me the person I am today.

It might sound silly to the un-traveled ear, but those of you who travel know what I am talking about … I’m more open-minded, more compassionate and more globally conscious because I travel. My itchy feet have rubbed off on my mind and I’m more curious about the world around me.

want to share these experiences – in more ways than I can with just a keyboard and computer screen – with all of the moms out there who haven’t given it a go.

Maybe one day, I’ll get that chance.

Cherrye Moore is a Calabria travel consultant and freelance writer living in southern Italy. She writes about travel on MNUI.com and about living and traveling in Calabria on her own site, My Bella Vita.

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