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Probably best you don’t go here.

I‘m laid low with a head-cold, wandering in and out of lucidity (yes, illnesses are the only time I’m lucid), so I’m not yarning about Scotland today, as planned.

However, since it would be rude to leave you with nothing to read, here are some other travel-related things I’ve been writing around the Web this month.

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A 10-part series for American Express on adopting an explorer’s mindset when you travel:

Lose Yourself / Just Connect (Offline) / Just Connect (Online) / Pack Less Than You Need / Embrace Your Weirdness / Judge Ye Not / Fake It Until You Remake It / Face An Uncertain Future / Going Home For The First Time / Never Arrive

If you’ve been reading Fevered Mutterings for a while, you’ll recognise a lot of these themes. I may be a travelling disaster, but I’m a consistent travelling disaster. It’s a small comfort, but I’m taking it.

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My first piece for CNN is on the subject of terrifyingly remote islands – and yet again I’m ranting about Rockall, as I did for Fevered Mutterings in 2010. (Yet again I find myself drawn, lemming-like, to places not fit for human beings. It’s a problem).

So anyway, enough of me and mine. What’s the best thing you’ve read on your online travels this month?

Image: Andy Strangeways / Geograph (Wikimedia Commons)