“You’re Bored?”: Why My Post Went Massively Viral

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On January 27th, 2012, I wrote a Fevered Mutterings post about things to do when you’re bored – and it went viral. To date, it’s been retweeted 334 times, shared 1,900 times on Facebook and read by upwards of a quarter of a million people. It’s comparable to the impact of a post on the Internet’s biggest news blogs – say, … Read More

Freelance Writing: Don’t Do These 5 Things

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Last year I wrote a couple of posts about what I’d learned so far about being a freelance writer. As expected, the one where I listed my faults got more traffic than the one where I paraded my triumphs (perhaps my “I’m a klutz” personal branding thing is proving a little too successful). But it was a fun exercise, and it … Read More

It’s A Start

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This morning I put my phone in the freezer. I’d just arisen, I was pre-caffeinated, I’d just struggled out of a dream where I was being chased along Scarborough seafront by Darth Vader improbably clad in luminous Y-fronts (believe me, this was petrifying at the time), and thanks to some savage, awful weather, the house was gloomy and full of shadows. … Read More