There’s That Voice Again

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Stories, I said.

Here’s mine.

Since returning from Orkney I’ve been freelancing over at WebUrbanist and its sister-site WebEcoist, and my final post for them will be going up on November 24th.

And after that?

In the immediate short-term, I’ll be looking after my mum when she comes out of hospital after some surgery (all’s gone well, but I’ll be needed round the house) and I’ll be taking a fortnight off my very accomodating part-time dayjob to do it. Then I’m back to York before Christmas, just in time to move house.

My new gaff – as in “place of residence“, not “laughable mishap” – will be nearer the centre of York and a lot closer to the train station.

I have Plans.

  • I have a book I’m writing.
  • I have a play I’m writing for Radio 4’s Afternoon Play slot – using the same character as in my book. (Yes, I’m trying to be Clever. I don’t know if it suits me or not, but I’m having a crack at it all the same).
  • I have travel articles to write.
  • I’m going to read as much as I write.
  • And I have a lively slithery stack of personal projects that I’ve neglected while being a freelance blogger – like the website you’re looking at right now.

And while I’m still living here, I’m revisiting York. I can’t comfortably move away from it until I’ve done so.

That’s my plot. It’s got everything – Conflict (a writer’s life vs. starvation, frostbite and a debilitating Caffeine Problem), Theme (One Man’s Epic Struggle To Paper Over The Hole In His Finances, Set Against A Backdrop Of Titanic Yorkshireness), Tension (Can Mike Become A Freelancing Digital Nomad Before He Hits 40?) and Character (cast of thousands – possibly including you).

I’m looking forward to writing it up.

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  • Jen

    Plans eh? That all sounds terribly grown up. Am envious.

    • Grown up. I know. That’s what scares me. It almost sounds like I know what I’m doing. I want to leave a comment to myself, saying “yes, we’ve heard all this before, and looked what happened that time.”

      Nothing to be envious about. You’re not doing so badly yourself.

  • Wishing you the very best of luck with everything. It’s really great that your current employer is being so accommodating. Hopefully, you will be able to get at least a little writing done during those two weeks. But, in any case, I hope your mother recovers fully very soon.

    I was kind of planning the same exploring of my city, before hopefully leaving it at least temporarily for more interesting places. Of course, that would eventually have involved visiting the hotels on The Strip, which I’ve avoided for years because of the crowds. Still, I was thinking that some mid-week excursions could be not such an ordeal. I’m afraid, though, that visiting the Paris and Venetian will strike too close to home since Paris and Venice are toward the top of my list of places I want to re-visit. Maybe I’ll save them for last. *sigh*

    • Thanks. :) Yep, fingers crossed all will go swimmingly (and that I’ll be back in York quickly – I’ve got a new house to move into).

      So what’s your escape plan in the short term and the long term? (A nosey question, and one I’d have problems answering myself).

      When you imagine yourself travelling, what’s all around the imaginary you?

      • Short term is the next couple of months, while my mother is in rehab here. I’m going to visit the Springs Reserve, which you once linked to btw as mentioned by someone else. Then I plan to do an extensive hotel crawl on the Strip whenever I get the chance.

        Circumstances have dictated that I start with one today that I really didn’t need to see again, Circus Circus. Maybe that will end up being good, or maybe I’ll manage to substitute something else with wild animals. We’ll see.

        Medium term starts, I hope, around March or April. That’s when I will be able to start making journeys to Europe for multiple weeks at a time.

        The ultimate goal, of course, will be actually moving to London or, at least, being able to measure my Transatlantic time in months at a time. We shall see, we shall see, we shall see.

  • Jimbo

    The answer is to explore York from the bottom of a bottle of single malt. From that place nothing is impossible or improbable… at least for a few hours.

    • Yes. Whisky, the great transporter across vast swathes of time and space, like a liquid TARDIS.

      Actually, nail on head – I’m going to try out as many watering holes as I can, because that is what visitors do, and I want to try to feel more like a visitor, so York can reappear in front of my familiarity-addled eyes. Also, the pubs are some of the most spectacular sights in York. Restaurants, too.

      I’ll never forget working in the Galtres Lodge restaurants as a filthy kitchen-monkey (and no doubt they remember me equally well)…and seeing, in the cellar, the remains of the Roman drain system pointing towards the Roman Bath pub. That’s York. Everyone knows something amazing, everywhere has something remarkable squirreled away behind the scenes…and you have to go round collecting it up then discarding what can’t be true – like assembling the bones of a saint.

      Er, or something.

  • Tee

    Wanna do the Literary Mischief League?

    • I do. :)

      I haven’t taken you up on your kind invitation before now because….it would have felt fraudulent. On the whole I’ve been a blogger, not a fiction writer. But I’m rebalancing, and when the scales have tipped, I’ll feel happier about joining in.

      So – yup.

  • belly

    Whatever! heard it all before…………

    let me know when you are in Hellsea for a couple of weeks. perhaps we can manage a coffee in the lovely town centre. tis a place you should get to know again. ‘resplendant magnificence’ is as far as my limited vocabulary will take me……..

    • No word on when I venture back to The Great Dankness – but I’ll let you know.

      Or, just follow the screaming.

      • belly

        the great dankness (no capitals!) is an excellent name for hornsea. kinda grand and yet miserable. like it.
        from now on you shall be known as Sir Cowdung of the great dankness.
        quality title, i’m sure you’ll agree!!!

  • I thought you’d already hit 40

    • I did hit 40, yes. But I hit it with such force that I rebounded back into my late 30s.

      This is why in life, momentum is *everything*.

  • Travel plans should definitely include a trip to Salento. I promise I don’t *really* drive like a maniac. Well, OK, not like an *Italian* maniac, anyway. That would be just ridiculous.

    ps – I’m at yet another new blog *looks up*. I’m getting as bad as you are …

    • I will indeed come and visit. You betcha. Although we have a few things to thrash out first – like that context-specific definition of that sticky word “really”.

      You not driving like an Italian maniac (not *really* driving like one) still gives you the leeway to drive like you’re trying to re-enact the Endor speeder bike scene out of Return Of The Jedi.

      ps. I know. :) I’ve popped by. And will stop lurking and start commenting. Eeee, thee’s having fun, lass.

      • [quote]You not driving like an Italian maniac (not *really* driving like one) still gives you the leeway to drive like you’re trying to re-enact the Endor speeder bike scene out of Return Of The Jedi.[/quote]

        Yes. Is that a problem? *looks innocent*

  • Richard P

    The people demand you do a travel-blog of Seoul………

    (at least… I do)