There’s That Voice Again

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Stories, I said.

Here’s mine.

Since returning from Orkney I’ve been freelancing over at WebUrbanist and its sister-site WebEcoist, and my final post for them will be going up on November 24th.

And after that?

In the immediate short-term, I’ll be looking after my mum when she comes out of hospital after some surgery (all’s gone well, but I’ll be needed round the house) and I’ll be taking a fortnight off my very accomodating part-time dayjob to do it. Then I’m back to York before Christmas, just in time to move house.

My new gaff – as in “place of residence“, not “laughable mishap” – will be nearer the centre of York and a lot closer to the train station.

I have Plans.

  • I have a book I’m writing.
  • I have a play I’m writing for Radio 4’s Afternoon Play slot – using the same character as in my book. (Yes, I’m trying to be Clever. I don’t know if it suits me or not, but I’m having a crack at it all the same).
  • I have travel articles to write.
  • I’m going to read as much as I write.
  • And I have a lively slithery stack of personal projects that I’ve neglected while being a freelance blogger – like the website you’re looking at right now.

And while I’m still living here, I’m revisiting York. I can’t comfortably move away from it until I’ve done so.

That’s my plot. It’s got everything – Conflict (a writer’s life vs. starvation, frostbite and a debilitating Caffeine Problem), Theme (One Man’s Epic Struggle To Paper Over The Hole In His Finances, Set Against A Backdrop Of Titanic Yorkshireness), Tension (Can Mike Become A Freelancing Digital Nomad Before He Hits 40?) and Character (cast of thousands – possibly including you).

I’m looking forward to writing it up.

Image: Amir K.