Them Be The Days, Me Hearties

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Writing is a serious business. We writers have a moral and spiritual obligation to our peers and our readers to strive for the utmost sobriety of tone and to stick to the facts clinically and empirically without unnecessary rhetoric digression or lack of intellectual focus and rigour. So I’m told. Anyway, if you’re a student and you’ve just started a … Read More

Electrons On The Rumble

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Yet again, I’m absent for a little while, thanks to a full writing workload and a full-time week of dayjobbing (an unhappy combination, frankly). In other news, my coffee consumption has never been healthier. That’s healthy in the volumetric sense, not the My Body Is A Temple variety. If you came here to read something and now feel cheated, how … Read More

…and Attempting Something Novel.

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I don’t know what stage my book is at. (Except that it’s before all the other ones). I’d use the phrase “brainstorming”, except I think “barnstorming” is far more accurate – all I’m doing is filling a notebook with lofty ideas, blue-sky thinking and as many pointlessly dangerous Immelmans as my imagination can handle. (I also strive to push metaphors … Read More

Q10: Fitting A Door In My Brain

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The problem with using a PC that’s connected to the Internet – well, there are plenty of problems. Oh, this will be a big list. Short break first. E-mail. Digg – WOAH that’s crazy. Stumbleupon. Twitter. Facebook (Friends – status updates OHMYGOD message message message). BBC News. Huffington Post. E-mail again. How’s my Space Pioneers empire going? E-mail. Check Stumbles … Read More