Erm…oh dear.

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Last week, I launched my storytelling course for bloggers for its fourth run.

A nice bunch of people signed up. Lovely folk. My best launch yet, in every sense.

And in all the fun, and also because I’m kind of an idiot, I completely neglected to actually mention it in this blog in any way whatsoever.

(And I’m a blogger. And it’s a course for bloggers. You can see the general shape of my incompetence here, I probably don’t need to spell it out.)


Dear loyal subscriber or occasional pop-by-er – if you’re interested, click here, because I’ve opened it up again for enrollment, just for you – but only until the end of Friday. That’s 48 hours away as I write this.

If you want to learn how to tell great stories that drive lots of attention to whatever you’re doing online, we’d love to have you on board (“we” being me and around a hundred students so far).

And if not, of course, please get on with your day in peace, and sorry for the interruption.


– Mike

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