Right, You’re Bannered

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One thing about switching to Ravi Varma‘s WordPress template, as clean and white as a Greek wall in Plato’s head,  is that I get to play with the banner. Every time you refresh the page, you should see a new banner image. Except, not so much with the “new” thing right now: a few stock photo that came with the … Read More

Giving Form: The Designer’s Intent

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When we become the hired guns of greed-driven corporations, we are driven to conform. If we generate status kitsch for a jaded elite, and allow ourselves to become media celebrities, we perform. When we twist products to reflect the navel-gazing of market research, we deform. If our products divorce appearance and other functions – a telephone that looks like a … Read More

Where Did It Go?

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Good question. You may remember there was a blog here called Fevered Mutterings (v3), packed to the rafters with wibblings. Well, yesterday I realised I hadn’t archived it properly. So I went into my webspace to do just that. It involved moving files around into one folder, so I could export that folder onto my laptop for archiving. When I … Read More

Twitter: I Really Don’t Know

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I’ve been using Twitter a lot recently, for work and for fun. And… Well, I can’t come to an overall opinion. I just can’t. There’s too much to love and too much to hate. So here’s both of what I think. (And yes, these are extreme opposites. That’s the point).