Edinburgh, Back and Forth

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Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags, from Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle, from Salisbury Crags. Salisbury Crags and Edinburgh Castle, from Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh Tourist Board website All photos copyright M. Sowden 2009.

York: Remembering I’m Always In The Middle

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March 23rd 2006 The river Ouse was, for a long time, the bloodstream of mercantile York. In Roman times it provided the means to transport bulk goods for the military (grain, for example, as seen in the remnants of beetle-infested Roman grain cellars along Coney Street). It allowed cost-effective transportation of raw and worked materials in and out of the … Read More

Cunning Linguistics

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March 20th 2006 I’m back on the French lessons again, speedily (the 2nd April isn’t far). [Note from modern Mike: I’ve no idea what was happening on the 2nd April. Sorry]. Both these and the Greek course I was previously doing are from this company. The approach is ‘repetition until you’re a frothing, gibbering moron’ but, to be honest, it’s … Read More

Right, You’re Bannered

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One thing about switching to Ravi Varma‘s WordPress template, as clean and white as a Greek wall in Plato’s head,  is that I get to play with the banner. Every time you refresh the page, you should see a new banner image. Except, not so much with the “new” thing right now: a few stock photo that came with the … Read More

Giving Form: The Designer’s Intent

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When we become the hired guns of greed-driven corporations, we are driven to conform. If we generate status kitsch for a jaded elite, and allow ourselves to become media celebrities, we perform. When we twist products to reflect the navel-gazing of market research, we deform. If our products divorce appearance and other functions – a telephone that looks like a … Read More